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…Enjoyed the informal, interesting presentation and feel I have gained confidence, assurance and encouragement to pursue my counselling efforts and development of group therapy. An excellent, comprehensive package.

Anger Solutions Has Gone Virtual!

Due to the COVID19 restrictions, all of our Anger Solutions training programs have transitioned to virtual. The Anger Solutions Facilitator’s Bootcamp takes place in TWO, 3.5 hour webinars on ZOOM. The first four components of the program are delivered on day one, followed by the last four modules.

Part One: The history of Anger Management, and an overview of the Anger Solutions Model
Part Two: Anger Myths, Feelings and their Expression
Part Three: How Anger Develops and Introduction to TSA
Part Four: Verbal and Non-verbal expressions of anger
Part Five: Listening Skills and Forgiveness
Part Six: Releasing Residual Anger and Wrapping Up Groups
Part Seven: Measuring Success – why and how we keep data and how the records are used
Part Eight: 21st Century Solutions for Resolving Anger

In order to be fully certified, participants must complete BOTH webinars. Upon completion, the participants will receive their certificate of completion and a one-year non-exclusive renewable license to provide the program in group/individual formats. Training materials will be shipped to participants in advance of the training. Adjunct digital materials will be provided to each participant or participating agency via

OUR NEXT LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING DATES: May 27 and 28, 2021, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Full Certification Program: Register for this program – $495 +HST

Contact us at 905-329-6169  OR use our convenient contact form.

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