Become a Certified Anger Solutions Facilitator or Trainer!

…Enjoyed the informal, interesting presentation and feel I have gained confidence, assurance and encouragement to pursue my counselling efforts and development of group therapy. An excellent, comprehensive package.

Anger Solutions is Going Digital!

Due to the COVID19 quarantine, all of our upcoming Anger Solutions training programs are moving online. The online webinar series will consist of SIX sessions, at 90 minutes each, in which participants will go through the various segments of the program:

Part One: The history of Anger Management, and an overview of the Anger Solutions Model
Part Two: Measuring Success – why and how we keep data and how the records are used
Part Three: Anger Solutions Modules 1-3
Part Four: Anger Solutions Modules 4-6
Part Five: Anger Solutions Modules 7-8
Part Six: Anger Solutions Modules 9-10 and Wrap-up

In order to be fully certified, participants must complete ALL six webinars. Upon completion, the participants will receive their certificate of completion and a one-year non-exclusive renewable license to provide the program in group format. I plan to record my first of the six webinars starting Friday June 5th at 10:30 am (EDT), and the webinars will run weekly, every Friday at the same time for six weeks. Again, participants will need to attend all six seminars to receive their certification.

Facilitator Boot Camp:
Register for this program – $495 +HST

Contact us at 905-329-6169  OR use our convenient contact form.

Why Should I Choose Anger Solutions?

  • Anger Solutions™ increases awareness of anger precursors
  • Self esteem and assertiveness components teach effective strategies for expressing anger
  • Provides alternatives to violence or risk taking behaviours
  • Everything you need to run an effective group counseling or coaching sessions in one package
  • Full Toolkit for Facilitator Training also included
  • No more repeated trips to the library or on the internet for hours of research :  Anger Solutions™ is “plug and play” – all the tools you need are listed in the manual
  • Success rate of this program is over 85%. Contact us to request your FREE report on the difference between Anger Solutions™ and traditional Anger Management
  • Evidence-based, valid, reliable tools to measure your program’s success are provided
  • Having Certified Trainers on-site ensures program continuity despite staff turnover
  • One year renewable license and membership to the Canadian Association of Anger Solutions Providers is included in tuition
  • Position your agency as the source of  Anger Solutions™ Training for your geographical area

Want to know more about what sets Anger Solutions apart from other traditional anger management programs? Download this FREE report: Anger Management vs Anger Solutions!


About the Anger Solutions™ Program:

The Anger Solutions™ Program was developed by Julie Christiansen, MA over several years of study and practical use. It has been delivered to over 100 agencies across Ontario since 1997, and is currently in use by various corrections-based, addictions and recovery, and social service agencies across Canada as well as internationally. The program has 11 modules and is designed to run as an 8, 10, or 12 week group program.

The success rate of this program is exceptional (steady at just over 80%), and for all committed participants who complete and follow through on the processes, there is a marked increase in quality of life and higher self-esteem as a result of fewer occurrences of undesired “angry” behaviours, lower recidivism rates, incorporation of more appropriate methods for expressing anger, improved communication skills, increased employability, and higher assertiveness levels.

Other Types of Training Available:

  • Level One: Boot Camp for Facilitators
  • Level Two: Individual Counsellor/Coach
  • Level Three: Certified Trainer
  • Level Four: Master Trainer