Founded as BODA reLEAF consulting in April 1997, we began strictly as a venue for counselors, social workers, and therapists to become certified as Anger Solutions Facilitators. Since that time, we have expanded our services to include additional levels of Anger Solutions competency, as well as corporate offerings, keynote speeches, and special services for non-profit organizations. In 2008, the company became incorporated, and re-branded under the banner, “Leverage U.”
1. The Anger Solutions™ family of training and counseling products/services
The Anger Solution program is a combination of compiled theory and exercises designed to assist individuals with developing appropriate ways to express and resolve their anger. Public training programs for counsellors and people working in human services include our One Day Boot-camp and the three-day intensive Train the Trainer (T3) Program. Our programs are accredited for continuing education credits by the CACCF. These programs and adaptations of our public training sessions are available for on-site programming. We also provide continuing education programs for counsellors through our series of tele-seminar programs, and gather data for research purposes with the assistance of licensed participating community agencies that use the program on a regular basis. Our levels of certification include:

  • Anger Solutions Certified Facilitator (7 hours training)
  • Anger Solutions Certified Coach (an additional 6 hours training)
  • Anger Solutions Certified Trainer (an additional 21 hours training)
  • Anger Solutions Master Trainer (an additional 21 hours training)

For details of the training pre-requisites and requirements, please contact us at 905-329-6169.

2. TransformED Corporate Coaching, Workshops and Seminars
We have a variety of keynote speeches, coaching programs, and seminar/workshops available to the business community including:

Corporate Coaching:

Keynote Speeches

  • Igniting Passion
  • Bullying is not a Game (Workplace or School versions)
  • Building S’Teem (Self-esteem program for students)
  • The New Normal: Recovery After Trauma

Workshops and Seminars

  • Overcoming Conflict, Anger & Negativity in the Workplace
  • The WOW Factor: Exceptional Customer Service
  • Resolving Anger at Work
  • Leverage: The New Motivation

We also specialize in creating custom training series that combine components from these topics, or from topics of the clients’ choosing.

Our TransformED and Corporate Coaching programs are specialized to help you and/or your team to go where it has never gone before. We “Leverage U” into peak performance and productivity, using our unique blend of advanced psychological techniques, current technology, and human interaction. We have partnered with Career Compass and www.cornerstone-group.com to provide Executive Coaching services. To learn more call 905-329-6169.

In addition, we partner with The Herrington Group on special projects including AODA (Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) Training, sensitivity training with regards to disability issues, and customer service. For more information on The Herrington Group and the excellent work that they do, please visit www.theherringtongroup.ca . Julie has partnered with Dr. Lisa Barrow (www.bulliednomore.com) to provide training and workshops about the realities and dangers of workplace bullying.

3. Not-for-profit and community services
We are pleased to have a long history of collaboration with not-for-profit agencies, schools and community services within and outside of the Niagara Region. We offer on-site training at discounted rates for not-for-profit agencies, as well as making keynote or educational presentations to community groups such as the ADD/ADHD support group or the Learning Disabilities Association.

We also have a long standing relationship with various school boards- facilitating presentations on stress management, anger resolution, and self-esteem to their secondary school students, as well as self-esteem and pro-social behaviours (anti-bullying) in their elementary schools. In recent years, this work has expanded into schools within the Greater Toronto Area, and around the Golden Horseshoe.

In addition, we have established relationships with several First Nation groups and are proud of the work we have done in facilitating training for Akwesasne First Nation in Cornwall, Walpole Island First Nation near Chatham, Ontario, as well as our collaborations with Native Wind Consulting, Six Nations, and other indigenous groups across Ontario and across Canada.

Julie designed our program to complement our workplace dynamics and to build on our strengths. Throughout the sessions, she encouraged group participation and promoted fun, laughter, and camaraderie. Each session built on the next, and by the final session, each participant had compiled a comprehensive personal workbook which they could use as a reference in the future. …We have all noticed a more relaxed atmosphere, with greater unity and cooperation among one another. Julie’s positive attitude and passion for her work are contagious, and she has the gift of imparting complex concepts in simple digestive terms. I highly recommend her Stress-Busters course!