I cannot get enough of Francesca Battistelli’s new song, “The Breakup Song”. I love that part of the chorus that says, “I ain’t got time for you telling me what I’m not, like you know me… well guess what? I know who I am. I know I’m strong, and I am free – got my own identity! So, fear, you will never be welcome here.”

Lately, I’ve been pushing the limits of my comfort zone in a BIG way. And with those efforts to push my own boundaries comes a crate-load of fear and anxiety. That may be why those of you following my Instagram feeds have noticed my obsession with quotes about overcoming fear. It would seem that we need to be reminded, and often, that fear is a liar, and that we have the ability to push through our fears to the rewards at the other side.

I truly believe that everything you want is on the other side of fear. That means, to get to the beautiful outcomes we desire and yearn for, there is work involved. It is the work of pushing through our own limitations, tamping down fear, managing our anxiety, and taking the steps however many or few may be required to take us toward our goals.

In conversation with some friends the other day, we asked one of the ladies about her experience tandem parachuting out of a plane. She reported that the most difficult step was the one that took her out of the plane. She further noted that once she was flying, it did not feel at all like she was “falling”. Rather, to her it felt like she was floating, or suspended in animation, and it was only when they got closer to the ground did it feel like falling. That said, the training kicked in, and she landed safely and walked away with an amazing experience that she would always remember.

Life is a lot like that, don’t you think? It often feels like achieving our goals is mountains of work, and that it is just too much effort to follow through. But for my friend, all she needed to do was to commit to ONE step. The rest was achieved through momentum, gravity, faith in her tandem jumper, and remembering to follow through on the procedure for a safe landing. We don’t realize that the first step towards our goals – saying YES, signing the contract, asking for the job, hitting the “send” button on that email, joining that mastermind group, or purchasing that service – is often the most difficult step of all. It is the step loaded with commitment and finality that is the most difficult to take. The one that takes you out of the safety of the plane and into the unknown – that one… THAT ONE is the one that requires you to push through your fear. The rest, as they say, will become history.

So sing along with me… “Fear, you don’t own me…” Take that step and see what amazing outcomes you will achieve.

Here’s Francesca’s official song video for you to enjoy!