Do you ever wonder what anger really is and how one can resolve it? Are you tired of hearing the term “anger management” applied to EVERYTHING:

“She has anger management issues”
“He needs anger management”
“Hockey coach shows his lack of anger management”?

Wouldn’t you appreciate tools that can actually help you EXPRESS your anger and RESOLVE it rather than just trying to CONTROL anger all the time?

Over the years, we have polled close to 1000 audience members and trainees to find out what they believe to be true about anger, and this short video shares the most common answers, as well as debunks these very widely accepted myths. You will notice that each myth builds on the first one, leading to a very complex set of faulty beliefs that negatively impact the way we perceive and choose to resolve anger. Understanding what anger IS, and the importance of expressing rather than managing it is the first step to getting a handle on your angry feelings.

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Julie Christiansen